Not so smart after all

So it's really funny, but whenever I get on here and vent about something, not long afterwards I learn why my rant isn't so justified after all. The day after posting about that CSS quirk, I learned the reason behind it. A friend of mine sat me down and explained the intricacies of CSS (of which I was surprised that I knew about 2/3 after all) and now it makes more sense to me. It's not really the BEST behavior for the image to spill outside its div in IE like it does once you set a relative position, but it at least makes sense. See. when you set the position attribute on an object, it defines the positioning based on its innermost parent that has a defined position attribute. So if you don't define an outer object with a position, then the outermost object (the body? or document? I can't remember which...) will be used. Hence, the image's positioning won't be based on its container div, and I guess in one sense that means ignoring the div is justified. Weird, but logical.

As for app engine, I really do enjoy working on it. One comment that I caught at Google I/O (and which, in my opinion, should be somewhere in the documentation) is that if you want to use back-references, you should explicitly define the "collection_name" parameter:

image = db.ReferenceProperty(User, collection_name="user_images")

If you don't define it, there's a default name that gets set (modelname_set, or in the example it would be image_set), but for whatever reason this isn't necessarily reliable. I think he said something to the effect of "funky things" could happen.

And there you have it. I stand corrected and educated.


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